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General Storage

Make a list of all the packaging accessories which you may need. Bubble pack, unprinted paper, tape, rope, drop cloths, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, shelving, marking pens, and cartons are just a few of the more commonly used packing items. See packing supples for a full list of the materials carried by HDL.

  • Take full advantage of your space… Use height, if possible. Shelving helps organize your space.
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit for better accessibility. Disassemble items such as bed frames, to maximize the space.
  • Line the bottom of your unit with a plastic drop cloth for added protection.
  • HDL has raised wooden flooring available in most units for a foundation to keep furniture and cartons off the concrete slab. If no raised flooring is available, line the floor of your unit with plastic drop cloth for added protection NEVER store food items in your storage unit.
  • Fill containers or boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Keep boxes under 30 lbs so that books or tools in smaller boxes. Stacking boxes too high may cause them to collapse.
  • Unprinted paper should be used for packing to prevent ink smudges from transferring to your belongings.
  • Sealing boxes with plenty of tape provides better protection of contents. Fragile items should be cushioned by using bubble-pack or unprinted paper and placed on top.
  • Label your cartons and take home a list of the labeled cartons for easy reference.
  • To protect clothing and draperies put them in wardrobe cartons. Moth balls or cedar chips are an added protection for your belongings.
  • Insure your goods in storage. The goods you place in self storage are the sole responsibility of you, their owner. Goods are not insured by HDL.
  • HDL carries a product called Damp-Rid that controls moisture in the air. Damp-Rid helps prevent mold, mildew and musty odors in storage units as well as rooms, and garages.

Specific Storage

Place a plastic sheet down or use our raised wooden flooring to protect against dampness from the concrete. Place sofas and mattresses on end. Protect mattresses by slipping them into a plastic mattress tote. HDL keeps these totes in stock for purchase. Make sure that stoves and cooking equipment are cleaned before they are stored. Disassemble beds and tables and wrap table legs in padded paper or bubble wrap. If a table will not dis- assemble, place padding on the floor and place the table on its top with the legs pointing up. Use dresser tops for stacking cartons and dresser drawers for linens or small, delicate items. Keep upholstery off the floor. Most lightweight chairs can be stacked “seat to seat” or placed upside down on tables which cannot be disassembled. Finally, place a light cotton sheet or paper padding on furniture for protection during storage.

A refrigerator or freezer should be thoroughly clean and dry and stored with its door slightly ajar. Some goods can be stored inside large appliances and boxes can be stacked on top of stoves.

Put down a tarp on the floor with an oil absorbing pad. Make sure the gas tank is empty. The battery must be disconnected, removed and taken off site to store in a cool area that is always above freezing temps. If concerned about dust, place a tarp over the vehicle. Back into the unit so that the engine is accessible for repairs, if need be.

The list of storage suggestions is endless. If you want a more comprehensive list of how to pack special items, give the office a call.

Packing Tips

Use only strong corrugated cartons with covers or flaps. HDL carries a wide variety of specially made cartons, for everything from mattresses to clothing and mirrors. The added protection of mover- provided cartons may avoid damage that results from the use of poor quality packing materials.

  • Foam peanuts, Styrofoam pellets or “popcorn”
  • Packing paper, clean newsprint for delicate packing jobs.
  • Bubble Wrap for pictures, mirrors, lamps, or figurines that need extra protection
  • Gummed tape for sealing cartons (do not use masking or duct tape)
  • Markers and labels for identifying contents of cartons.
  • Notebook and pencil for carton identification log.
  • Scissors and/or sharp knife

For a complete listing of supplies carried by HDL see Packing Supplies.