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Storage Services

Rent Reminder

Rent is due on the first of each month. Tenants are expected to remember to pay their rent on time. We also now offer FREE e-mail reminders. Just fill out the Rent Reminder form and we will E-Mail you a rent reminder at no charge. To set this service up, email us at info@hdlmoves.com or call us at 262-723-5774 or 800-888-3312.

Payment options available
Via credit card
1st of the month auto pay
6th of the month auto pay
Payment by Phone, or drop off in our Drop Box anytime

Package Acceptance

HDL offers package acceptance. Whether it’s oversized freight or UPS/FedEx or USPS, for a small handling fee HDL will accept packages for any customer. These items can be stored on site in the secure warehouse until it is picked up or HDL can put them into the customers storage unit or HDL can deliver it to an off site location.  (Additional charges may be applied for items that need the use of a forklift).

Full Moving Service

HDL offers full service moving to or from any home, office or storage facility.  HDL can do as much or as little as needed.  For further information go to the Moving page or call the office at 262-723-5774 for a free estimate.