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Do's & Dont's

If you pack it yourself


  • Save your self some money by packing it yourself if possible.
  • Use a good, sturdy box with flaps intact.
  • For the best results, use a new box.
  • Make sure to allow room for adequate packaging. (standard is 2”- 3” around entire item for packaging, more for fragile)
  • Use Adequate cushioning material
  • Use enough cushioning materials to ensure that contents won’t move easily when the box is shaken.
  • Fragile items require special packing for safe shipment.
  • Fragile articles need to be separated from the corners and sides of the box to prevent damage.
  • Cover any sharp or protruding edges with bubble wrap, corrugated panels or pads.
  • Various materials can be used for cushioning and protection, including
    • Bubble wrap
    • Foam peanuts (50 lbs or less)
    • Corrugated dividers
    • Crumpled packing paper (50 lbs or less)
  • Close the box securely: Proper closure is just as important as adequate cushioning. For best results, use one of these tapes (min 2″ wide):
    • Pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon- reinforced tape
    • Water-activated paper, or reinforced tape. Make sure to use AT LEAST 3 strips of tape on both the top and bottom of the box. It’s better to use too much than not enough.
  • Use proper labeling for fast and efficient delivery keep these points in mind when labeling your package:
    • Always include the receiver’s COMPLETE street address and zip code (every effort must be made to obtain a street address. A shipment to a P.O. box may be refused or delayed.)
    • Include the Apt, Suite or Unit number, if applicable.
    • Place the shipping label on top of the box to the side of the center seam.
    • To avoid confusion, place only one address label on the box.
    • If using a packing slip, place it on the same surface of the box as the address label.
    • Remove or cross out old labels or markings on a used box.
    • Place a duplicate address label inside the package.
  • HDL will create a label for you if you are shipping UPS through HDL. You must provide the complete shipping address – no P.O. Boxes. If you are using the U.S. Post Office, place the address label on top of the box to the  side at the center seam. Place only one address label per box.


  • Don’t exceed the maximum gross weight for
    the box, which is usually printed on the bottom flap.
  • Don’t use masking tape, Duct tape, cellophane tape or string. Avoid using paper over-wrap.
  • Don’t use boxes which have missing or soft flaps, soft spots, broken corners or puncture holes.
  • Don’t place labels over the seam or closure or on top of sealing tape.
  • Make sure you are not exceeding the size or weight limits of the shipping company. (Length is the longest side of a package or object. Girth is the distance all the way around the package or object at its widest point perpendicular to the length. Add length and girth measurements together to obtain total package.)
    • UPS’s Limits:
      • Up to 150 pounds
      • Up to 130 inches in length and girth combined
      • Up to 108 inches in length.
    • FedEx Limits:
      • Up to 150 pounds
      • Up to 165 inches in length and girth combined
      • Up to 119 inches in length
    • Post Office Limits:
      • Up to 70 pounds
      • Up to 108 inches in length and girth combined
      • Up to 130 inches in length and girth with a surcharge
  • Once it is packed give us a call with dimensions, weight, value and zip code where it’s going and HDL can give you a free estimate over the phone.