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Moving Day


HDL can provide packing assistance if you need help. Call our office to ask about packing options.


HDL does not bring along ground cover. If your yard is not complete and the only path to get into the house is dirt, mud, etc… Please be prepared to furnish ground cover if necessary like wooden planking or old carpet pieces. Please have all paths, sidewalks or driveways that the movers may be using, cleared of snow, boxes, toys, debris, etc. for safety reasons. This will also save valuable moving time. Additional fees may be incurred if paths are not cleared.

HDL can provide indoor carpet protection upon request. The moving crew carries this in the truck at all times. Mention it to the crew on moving day if interested.

Moving Day

Once the movers arrive at your home, they do a walk-through of the house. This allows them to see what is going or staying, get a feel for the layout of the house, furniture, etc. and to go over any last minute details, changes or instructions. The movers may dismantle such items as beds or mirrors from dressers, or any doors that need to be removed during the moving process.

Loading is the longest and most tedious part of the moving process. The first things loaded are appliances and anything large and square. Such as dressers, desks, bookcases, entertainment center, etc. These large, heavy items form the base in the moving truck.

Your belongings will be wrapped in heavy duty moving pads and tied securely into the truck. This assures nothing is shifting around in the truck during transport. The movers then build from that base with boxes and lighter weight items (note: boxes must be taped securely closed in order to stack properly). Tables, chairs, beds, etc. go in the middle of the truck. Sofas or stuffed chairs go towards the back. Any yard, garage or outdoor items go in last.

After transporting your goods to the new home/ destination, the truck is unloaded. Typically, unloading the truck takes about half as much time as loading does. Someone should stay near the truck to instruct the movers as to where to put things in the new home (note: it is helpful to have boxes labeled as to which room they go to). The movers set things where they belong and will put the items back together that were dismantled before returning to our shop. Payment is required IN FULL once the move is complete and before the crew leaves the premises.