W4191 HWY 11, Elkhorn, WI 53121

HDL History

HDL Enterprises, Inc. is a well established moving and storage business that has the ultimate professional knowledge of all moving, storage, supplies and pack & ship needs. HDL prides themselves on doing the best job possible no matter how big or small and it is this that has brought them to continue becoming more successful with each and every customer.

HDL Shipping & Storage has been in business since 1989. They started as a small moving business run by husband and wife, Jeff and Kathie Hanssen and within it’s first decade they exploded into a very successful company that now also includes services in climate controlled and standard storage, boxes and packing supplies, as well as UPS and specialty shipping services.

With only one truck in the beginning, Jeff and Kathie did household moving themselves on the weekends with friends to help. Within four years they had accumulated 3 trucks and enough employees that they could do household moving six days a week instead of only weekends.

Customers soon spread the good word about HDL and the moving business has kept growing, year after year. HDL’s crew will take care of your belongings as if they were their own. Customers love for HDL to make moving day as fun as possible while still doing a top-notch job.

Soon, the storage business followed. Ground was broken for the first building in 1993. This was the beginning of many buildings to come! HDL started with a total of 36 units ranging in size from 5×10 to 10×40.

The next year they added on another 40 units. In 1995 another 89 units were put in, along with an on-site office and home for the managers to live in. In 1996 the last 54 units were added to complete the site. Storage usually runs 90%-95% full year round. Though most units are full they are usually able to accommodate most storage needs.

In 1994 the owners decided to begin selling moving and storage supplies. Everything from boxes, bubble wrap, paper and shrink wrap to mattress covers, drop cloths, tie-down rope and moisture absorbent for your storage units. You can come to one place and get nice, clean supplies for your moving or storage needs. It beats running from grocery store to grocery store trying to find boxes that have already been broken down or all dirty inside.

Shipping is the most current addition to HDL. In June of 1999, HDL added shipping to their list of services. HDL has daily drop-off and pick-up service with UPS new-ups-logo-vector-download.  If your item(s) is too large for UPS, HDL has connections with a specialty carrier with a professional “blanket wrap” service to handle it.

Climate controlled storage has been becoming more and more popular so in 2005 a climate storage building was built and added to the mix. The climate rooms have a cedar wall with raised wooden flooring to make it similar to a cedar closet in your home. The climate building is heated and air conditioned along with heat and fire sensors and security cameras. This building is definitely “Top Notch” when it comes to storing your best pieces.